Difference between decal cut options

(Pictured: clear-bubble cut transfer)

Square-Cut Sticker 

The square-cut sticker option is printed on one sheet of clear vinyl and is squared off like a rectangle. When installing you’ll have to peel the backer paper from the decal and apply it to the wall like a sticker. 

Bubble-Cut Transfer

The bubble-cut options are considered ‘transfers’. Transfer refers to the application process. The decal comes on a backer paper which is peeled off before applying to the wall (just like a sticker), then a transfer paper is peeled from the decal leaving only the design on the wall. 
Bubble-cut refers to the cut. These options have a small margin of vinyl around the the illustration. This cut eliminates all the empty space between the images that appears in the square sticker.
There are two bubble-cut options, the clear or white. You’ll notice the difference between the two only in the margins. The margin will either be clear vinyl or white vinyl. The white vinyl allows for visibility of the whole design against a dark colored wall in which black numbers would not show up well. 

 White Bubble-Cut Clear Bubble-Cut