How to Install Your Mural Decal

Mural Decal Install Tutorial 

The following video tutorial demonstrates step-by-step instructions for square-cut sticker application. 

Transfer Decals: While the steps described in this video are intended for square-cut sticker application, the same steps apply for bubble-cut transfer installs.
Additional steps for transfer install:
 • Once transfer is completed adhered to the wall, peel and discard transfer paper

Important Note: To avoid post-application peeling, it is imperative that the wall is thoroughly cleaned using 70% rubbing alcohol prior to application.


Hire Professional Install: We want you to be completely satisfied with your new product and while we do our best to ease the installation process, we understand that some installs can be tricky. If you would like to locate a 3M certified and preferred installer to assist you, please click here.


Download Printer-Friendly Instructions:

Clear Square-Cut Sticker Install

White Bubble-Cut Transfer Install

Clear Bubble-Cut Transfer Install

Decal Peel Repair Instructions