Surfboard Art

All original surfboard paintings are acrylic on repaired, retired boards. They are considered fine art and cannot be used.

They are sealed with a polyacrylic that makes them water resistant and helps protect the piece against the elements for outside display. However, we cannot guarantee protection against UV color fading.  We recommend storing these boards in a shaded to partly-sunny location. We do NOT recommend storing in direct sunlight inside or outside for extended periods of time, as this may result in color fading.

Each original painting comes with a heavy duty hanging mechanism installed on the back of the board for easy hanging. A certificate of authenticity is included with every painting.

Weight and dimensions vary between boards.

Board chips and severe imperfections are patched with resin and sanded to maintain the original shape of the board. Prior wear and use of the board may be visible in certain light, includingpressure points and indentations. Kat's use of retired surfboards is intended to preserve the history within the board. Therefore, normal wear and tear of the board that does not interfere with the integrity of its structure remains as is when acquired.